Galata Denizcilik entered in to operation within the logistic sector in 2005. Entering into the business with the purpose of constructing the ships globally, in particularly in Turkish shipyards, Galata Denizcilik put its signature to the successful constructing on of the Sapphire-T and Turquoise-T¸ Chemical/Petroleum tankers (11.268 dwt and 13.945 dwt, respectively) in 2008.

Galata Denizcilik aims to be a leading business in the.Chemical/Petrdeum tanker sector.This aim was met with the successful construction of the Topez-T tanker (13.966dwt) and the Ruby-T tanker (21.224dwt)in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

Having gained considerable achievements in a rater short period of time, Galata Denizcilik completed the construction of the Diamond-T tanker (26.322 dwt), one of the biggest chemical tankers of Turkey in 2011.

Aiming to accomplish additional growth thanks to its professional staff and innovative service Galata Denizcilik is breaking additional grounds in its operations.

GALATA Denizcilik’s Route to Success


Debit in Commercial Operations


Completion of Sapphire-T and Turquoise-T (11,268 dwt and 13,945 dwt) Constructions.


Topaz-T tanker (13,966 dwt) Construction Concluded.


Ruby-T tanker (dwt 21,224) Construction Concluded.


Construction of Diamond-T (26,322 dwt), Biggest Chemical Product Tanker Ever Constructed in Turkey Completed.