Alpet Cyprus, leading company of Altınbaş Holding in energy industry, was founded in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

With its debut in the market, Alpet Cyprus broke new ground in T.R.N.C. and leading the way to the establishment of state-of-art filling stations together with corporate identity activities. In 1999, Alpet Cyprus concluded the investment of storage and filling station with a capacity of 30,000 cubic meters in 1999. Alpet Cyprus began providing fuel on behalf of innumerable aerial companies, in particular Turkish Airlines, thanks to its premises constructed under EU standards located in Ercan Airport in 2000. Today, the company now provides services to all airlines, including Pegasus, Atlas Jet, Onur Air and Corendon in particular.

Underlining the service quality since it was incorporated, Alpet Cyprus continues growing due to its corporate restructuring, wide spreading investments and reinforcing employees’ power via providing training. Alpet Cyprus continues to prioritize controling the risk levels in all premises where the sales operations are performed, and maintaning environmental principles by observing the rules on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) for the purpose of ensuring safety of life and property.

Currently, Alpet Cyprus operates 50 corporate dealer ships in T.R.N.C. providing safer services thanks to the automation process conducted in the dealers, Alpet Cyprus’s corporate power proliferates in the course of time. With its high-quality, state-of-art service approach, combined with affordable terms of payment, Alpet Cyprus conducts business with 40 different clients in different sectors of the market.

Capable of providing supply to Kyrenia and Famagusta ports in T.R.N.C., Alpet Cyprus covers 80% of the sales to the cargo ships. In addition to all these services, Alpet Cyprus continues providing services covering the supply ranging between 8,000 liters to 33,000 liters thanks to its transportation networks and fully equipped tankers.

Making no compromises in regard to keeping the values and high-quality custamor service approach focused on the customer, Alpet Cyprus observes due diligence with respect to increasing the capacity of the station network and promoting to the leading power in the region.