As an insurance company addressing to more than 40,000 customers, Insurance Company was founded in 1996 under the title of Altınbaş Sigorta.

Restructured under the title of Creditwest Insurance in 2006, the company began to conduct business in international arena and introduced new trends in its service approach focused on the services on behalf of the customer in its insurance concept in Northern Cyprus.

Transferring all its insurance risks on behalf of reassures via AON RE Benfield, the biggest broker corporation of the world, Creditwest Insurance is at the disposal of its customers with its policy of transparency.

Qualified with “AA” credit rating in its last report issued by JCR, Japanese Rating Corporation, Creditwest Insurance continues its operation in the insurance business as No. 3 company. Having the strongest equity sources, Creditwest Insurance puts its signature under significant accomplishments thanks to its 65 agencies and regional insurance consultants in Cyprus.