Meeting with the jewelry fans everywhere in the world, Altınbaş was founded by the Altınbaş Family in Gaziantep in 1975. The jewelry shop founded by Mehmet Altınbaş and his sons was famous in a short time with attentive hand workmanship, products created and customer-focused service.
Ground breaking in the jewelry market at that time, wholesale operations for 14 carat gold were initiated at Altınbaş Mücevherat, an outlet located in Çuhacı Han, Istanbul in 1985. In 1994, Altınbaş Mücevherat was again ground and commissioned the biggest wholesale center inTurkey in Şeref Han, Istanbul and established sales representative teams.
As the first company whose sales advertisements appeared in the national media in 1996, Altınbaş Mücevherat has thereafter became the first company in Turkey that established the dealership in the jewelry business in 1997.
Creating the projects every other year, which was progressive step in the jewelry business, Altınbaş Mücevherat commissioned its first retail outlet in Sultanahmet, Istanbul in 1998. Continuing its efforts in creating new products in addition to the developing in the sales organizations, Altınbaş Mücevherat included Altınbaş Pırlanta in its product range in 2000.
Taking a big step in recognitionas of the world brands by being included under the scope of Turquality Brands, Altınbaş Mücevherat was awarded the title of “Customer Friendly Brand” by Tüketicinin Sesi Magazine that in the 2008, Fikri Mühim. According to the results of the Best Brands market survey conducted by the Turkish branch of GfK, an international survey company, Altınbaş Mücevherat was nominated as leader in its class. Meanwhile, a survey conducted by Cybernetic Research showed that the company was the number one brand in Turkey before the end of 2008.
In 2009 being the single brand that was the member of CIBJO, an international sector organization, Altınbaş Mücevherat, nominated by the partner in Turkey by International Gold Exchange and prepared an exclusive collection. According to the data provided by the Exporters Association, Altınbaş Mücevherat was the leading company in exports in 2012 in 2013 , Altınbaş Mücevherat was again the leader in exports, due to increasing its foreign sales by 20 per cent. Altınbaş Mücevherat was awarded the title of Leader Company in “golden goods and jewelery goods” category by Istanbul Precious Mineral and Metal Exporters Association (IPMMEA) in 2013.
Apart from its headquarters, both in Istanbul and in other cities, Altınbaş has 16 stores and employed 76 personnel in these stores. Moreover, there are 71 dealers with 450 dealer staff. Altınbaş jewelery employs nearly 1000 jobs including its headquarter.


Altınbaş’s Route to Success

From small jewelry shop to market leader shining in 40 different countries


ALTINBAŞ’s foundations laid in Gaziantep


First outlet of Ali Vakkas Altınbaş Kuyumculuk commissioned in Cyprus by Mehmet Altınbaş and sons.


Wholesale operations were commissioned in Çuhacı Han, Istanbul, for gold in 14 carats and above.


Altınbaş Family founded first and single gold plant in Turkey.


First large-size sales outlet, in combination with marketing teams are were commissioned in Şeref Han, Istanbul, Turkey.


Altınbaş has been announced as first company in jewelry business whose advertisement was ever published in national media.


The dealership system was established as a first initiative in the jewelry business of Turkey.


First ALTINBAŞ retail outlet was commissioned in Sultanahmet, Istanbul.


ALTINBAŞ Diamond was included in ALTINBAŞ rich product range.


First and biggest gold plant was commissioned in Beylikdüzü, Turkey.


Altınbaş was awarded with “Superbrand of Turkey” and one of 27 super brands of the country, by Superbrands, an international organization.


Turquality was included into the scope of the brands.

Altınbaş was awarded with “Consumer Friendly Brand” and “Superbrand of Turkey” by Tüketicinin Sesi Magazine and Fikri Mühim, respectively. Altınbaş was awarded as category leader in survey conducted by Turkish branch of GfK, an international company and Best Brand survey realized first time by and Nielsen’s survey.


Altınbaş entitled as first Turkish brand registered to CIBJO, international sector organization. L‘or Collection was created


The services were provided on behalf of jewelry fans at 264 sales points in Turkey and 382 in foreign countries; number of retail concept outlets reached to 100.

Altınbaş awarded as Exportation Award by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) in Precious Mineral and Jewelry market.


Altınbaş Mücevherat was awarded as leader company in “golden jewelry and jewelry goods” category by Istanbul Precious Mineral and Metal Exporters Association (IPMMEA) in 2013.


Altınbaş Jewelery won the “Jewelery of the Year” award in 2014 as part of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, which is considered to be the Oscar award of luxury life.


Altınbaş got the first place in “Accessories” category in the research called “Most Preferred and Most Popular Brands in Shopping Centers” conducted by the Association of Shopping Centers and Investors (AYD).