Creditwest Bank of Ukraine was founded in 2007 as a bank with 100% Turkish equity capital in Ukraine. Accomplishing 40% and 49% growths in its assets in 2012 and 2013, respectively, Creditwest Bank of Ukraine increased its loans as much as 118% and 78% in the same years, respectively.

Due to Altınbaş Holding’s experience in the financial sector Creditwest Bank Ukrania broke even shortly after being founded. Creditwest Bank of Ukraine ranked 7th in among 177 banks for capital returns in 2013. Ranking 3rd in assets in the same year, Creditwest Bank of Ukraine was announced as the best 15th bank in the banking system with respect to financial indicators in 2013 by FORBES UKRAINE.

Realizing 49% increase in its assets in 2013, Creditwest Bank of Ukraine’s “long-term rating in terms of foreign currency” of Creditwest Bank of Ukraine, that was A+ to AA-(Ukr) and “short-term rating” that was A-1 to A-1+, together with its “rating in terms of international currency” that was BB-. In 2014, Creditwest Bank of Ukraine put its signature under another success, whose “short-term rating” has been “B stationary” by Japan Rating Company, JCR Eurasia Rating.

Thanks to its corporate and individual banking undertaking with its expert staff, Creditwest Bank of Ukraine provides solutions creating difference and determining role in the relations between Turkey and Ukraine in the field of the finance.