Being one of leading companies of Turkey, the foundation of Altınbaş Holding was laid by Mehmet Altınbaş in Gaziantep in 1950s.

Making his first debut in commerce with pistachio wholesale operations in Gaziantep, Mehmet Altınbaş was involved in pistachio planting and realized a breakthrough for Altınbaş Holding, having obtained all the details of the business. During his involvement in jewelry, Mehmet Altınbaş commissioned Altınbaş Jewelry’s first branch in 1979, together with his sons under the trade name of “Ali Vakkas Altınbaş Kuyumculuk” in Cyprus. Altınbaş Jewelry started business operations in Turkey after 1985, and is now a leading company in the jewelry business with 120 concept outlets operated in Turkey and abroad.

In 1988, first jewelry premises of Turkey was established providing remarkable employment opportunities for to that period. In combination with investments undertaken in the course of time, the plant premises were expanded and gold refinery premises were established.

Zirconium and precious stone trade operations were initiated in order to increase the quality and set the standards in jewelry business. Istanbul Altınbaş Kıymetli Taşlar A.Ş. was founded in Istanbul, in 1992. The company was restructured under the title of Alstone in 2005 and the commercial operations under this brand name and certification were initiated in the precious stone business. With its ground breaking attempt in Turkey, Alstone now performs operations in the diamond and synthetic products under the same roof.

In 1993, Onsa Istanbul succeeded in being identified as a plant which achieved great accomplishments in a short time. Altınbaş Bank was commissioned in Cyprus as the first initiative of Altınbaş Family in the field of finance. Enjoying its customer portfolio increasing day by day, Altınbaş Bank was restructured as Creditwest Bank with the objective of achieving worldwide cognizance. Now Creditwest Bank enjoys a repeat success after being named one of the biggest banks in Cyprus with 14 branches and total equity capital of 82 million.

Having achieved a great success in the finance business, the Altınbaş Family founded Altınbaş Yatırım in 1994, Altınbaş Kıymetli Madenler Borsası A.Ş. in 1995 and Altınbaş Sigorta in 1996. Today, Altınbaş Yatırım and Altınbaş Sigorta are restructured under Creditwest Finance and Creditwest Insurance, respectively. Creditwest Insurance and Creditwest Finance are among the leading organizations in the market with their portfolio of in excess 40,000 customers.

Deciding to bring all its brands under the unique structure upon the accomplishments in different business areas, Altınbaş Family founded Altınbaş Holding, which was a big step in promoting to a global organization in 1996.

The first step taken by of Altınbaş Holding in the energy market was a filling station established in Cyprus in 1997. Entering into the business of the distribution and sale of lubrication oil under its own brand right after that, the filling station under the Alpet brand,the first commercial brand of Altınbaş Petroleum Company began to appear in highly populated centers of Turkey in 1999. Today, Alpet leads business operations in Turkey with its 400 filling stations where you can a find high level of service.

In 1997, the Assos brand was created as a new label under Altınbaş Mücevherat. Today Assos is known as the brand that has converted jewelry into fashion with about 1,000 sales point in 26 different countries.

Putting its name to successful businesses over the course of time, Altınbaş Holding made Turkey to Altınbaş Diamond in 2000. The debut was made in finance business upon purchase of public factoring company from Saving Deposit Insurance Fund of Turkey restricted under the title of Creditwest Faktoring in 2003.

In 2004, Onsa Istanbul commissioned 15,000 square-meter gold premises under state-of art technologies in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul. Meanwhile Altınbaş Holding proved its expertise in jewelry by ONSA Refinery constructed with the support of TÜBİTAK, Turkish Research and Development Organization and Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV) in 2005. Commissioned complete with chemicals and gas purification system in response to its environmental awareness, ONSA Refinery is operated in regard to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates in 2006.

2000s have been the period of growth for Altınbaş Holding in an increased pace. In 2003, Pera was included into Altınbaş Holding’s group companies. Day by day, Pera Diamond adds another products into its product range.

The sales and production of engine oils and lubrication oils initiated under Altınbaş Oil brand name continued for years and finally Atak Madeni Yağlar was founded in 2005. Certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 29001 Management Systems certificates in short period of time, Atak Madeni Yağları, together with Alpet Madeni Yağları, Exen Madeni Yağları and SuperMax Madeni Yağları is able to meet any kind of requirements with its global production activities.

Continuing its attempts without slowing down, Altınbaş Holding began the ship operation and construction businesses in with Transal Denizcilik and Galata Denizcilik the same year, respectively in 2005. Altınbaş Holding now conducts ship operation business in combination with logistics companies with its overall ship transportation capacity of 81,000 gross tons.

Creditwest Bank was commissioned in Ukraine in 2007, which is first Turkish owner bank in Ukraine. Creditwest Bank Ukraine’s active profitability grows day by day in the course of time.

Implementing the principle of sharing its experiences and accomplishments with Turkish people at every turn, Altınbaş Holding, Istanbul Kemerburgaz University was founded within Mehmet Altınbaş Foundation in 2008. In line with the principle of “Promotion to training infrastructure of Turkey determined by Mehmet Altınbaş, Istanbul Kemerburgaz University allocates extensive possibility of providing scholarship to its students, right upon its 2011 – 2012 education year.

In 2011, Altınbaş Holding founded Akdeniz Akaryakıt Depolama Nakliyat ve Ticaret A.Ş. in combination with several petroleum companies within the scope of equal partnership.

Continuing its accomplishments that lasted more than 60 years as being among leading holdings of Turkey and the world, Altınbaş signature now puts its signatures under important accomplishments.