Our goal is to see among us successful candidates, who will be happy for and enjoy working with us, with the help of a recruitment process, during which a competency-based interviewing technique and assistive personality inventories are applied.


Altınbaş Holding employees are supported in obtaining the best results while performing their jobs. In this regard, we support and guide our employees so that they can reach our commonly shared targets within the framework of the objective criteria previously determined. Their success is measured in an objective way.


The happiness of our employees comes before everything else. By also taking this priority into account and using the feed back and internal counseling systems we established, we support our employees’ career journeys in the best way we can.


Meaning everything to us, development is a process that never ends. Our corporate perspective is to give importance to development always more than knowing. With this way of thinking and the development programs we designed for supporting our employees to have a progress in their improvable skills; we aim a continuous improvement and development.


The compensation policy in Altınbaş Holding is based on the responsibilities and the business experiences of our employees. Our fair and competitive compensation and benefits model, which awards the high performance, has been established with the idea of bringing skilled and successful people to Altınbaş Holding.