Today, we, as Altınbaş Holding founded by Mehmet Altınbaş in 1950, continue our business in a determined manner with our pride of being one of the most radical and respective organizations of Turkey While we contribute to our country’s economy with our ever increasing assets year by year, we are happy to be amount those actors who contributes to the employment of our country with our direct and indirect enrollment in excess 4,000 employees.

Right after the first day, we established our purpose to provide trust-worthy, principled, ethical work discipline services… to this end, we provide sustainable performance on behalf of our partners in every sector we take part as the player with our dynamic and experienced teams.

While we add another success day by day in various business areas with our radical and global structure. While we support training of Turkish people with our project implemented in the field of training in particular, we are proud of by our contribution to our country with the foundation of Altinbas University.

As an organization continuing in putting its signature under significant accomplishment, we are sure to create additional differences in the fields of the energy, finance, jewelry and logistics. Our target is to go forward for better, newer together with our robust financial infrastructure and 20 different brands that conform to global dynamics.


Sofu Altınbaş