03Transal Denizcilik Altınbaş Holding’s powerful logistics brand began shipping operations in 2005. Providing innovative services since its debut.Transal Denizcilik modernized its fleet by entering into chemical tankers in the course of time with its 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 after its entry into the business with 5 petroleum tankers which had an average age of 16.

Today Transal Denizcilik ships the average age of 3.8, operating 6 chemicals/petroleum tankers and 2 petroleum tankers. With an operation activities with an overall haulage capacity of 81,000 gross tones, Transal Denizcilik is able to provide any kind of services in ship operations.

Operating with the objective of providing high quality and sustainable ship operation services to of its customers, Transal Denizcilik perform operations aimed to Far East, America, Europe, Arab Gulf, South America and Australia. Pursuing its operations high-level petroleum and chemical transportation by focusing onto the excellence, safety, quality and protecting the natural life, creating trust-worthy and robust business ambient, Transal Denizcilik effectively conducts the means for apprenticeship on behalf of training organizations in the shipping business in line, as well as carrier days organized with its consciousness on social liability.

Transal Denizcilik continues groundbreaking operations in the field of ISM Ship Management and increasing its fleet with its ongoing robust structure that performs independent services in the fields of technical management and personnel management and puts its signature to major accomplishments.