Atak Madeni Yağlar has made its debut in 2005 upon commissioning of Mineral Oil Mixing and Filling Station located in AOSB Çiğli/İzmir District.

Considering to meet different requirements, Atak Madeni Yağlar created three different brands, namely, Alpet, Exen and Supermax that are produced within Mineral Oil Mixing and Filling Station premises in regard to use by the automotive industry for diverse brand names as synthetic and mineral base mineral oils, lubrication products and cooling system fluids. The premises are operated by Atak Madeni Yağlar under full data processing infrastructure by Atak Madeni Yağlar with an annual capacity of 75.000 tpy.

Set off for the purpose of providing the best on behalf of real or corporate persons in mineral oil business in provisions of products and services in regard to its aim to be the best mineral oil supplier, Atak Madeni Yağlar undertakes its mission with EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System, EN ISO 14001 Environment Management System DIN EN ISO 29001 Sector Specific Quality Management System and EN ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Accreditation certifications.

There are 38 local distributors, 26 foreign distributors, 38 industrial dealers, 40 marine logistic companies, 400 Alpet fuel oil stations and 20 Alpet external Fuel Oil Distribution Company included in Atak Madeni Yağlar’s customer portfolio for its products supplemented to Toyota and Honda make vehicles in Turkey.

Atak Madeni Yağlar observes due diligence in increasing its market share further upon achieving to 10% in 2-year time, for its product range that encompass passenger car engine oils to commercial vehicles engine oil, motorcycles oils, marine oil, thanks to its product ever increasing provided with excellent service quality.